Some Beneficiaries of the Education Programme

Joshua Kapilya

The three boys were born from Mr. and Mrs. Kapilya of Misisi Compound, two of whom are beneficiaries of the Sishemo education initiative. Sadly for them, they are victims of a broken home and their mother worked as a house maid in a medium cost area, earning about $50 which was hardly enough to cater for the needs of this home. Joshua the youngest in the picture was enrolled by the Sishemo Education Trust (now NorthGate Academy).

Joshua sat for grade 7 examinations last year where he Came out 2nd in the whole country with 859 marks and has been accepted at Hillcrest Technical School in Livingstone.

Joshua is intelligent and extremely diligent but he now requires bursary support for him to complete his secondary education.


Neria and Nicholas Simunyama

Two of the children from this family, Neria and Nocholas have been educated by Sishemo Foundation. Neria finished her secondary education and is now looking for sposnsorhip to go into college. Her connection to Sishemo Foundation dates back to 2001 when she was enrolled in the school. While under Sishemo, She possed strong leadership qualities that saw her rise to position of deputy Head Girl and kater became prefect in secondary school.

Her brother Nocholas who is physically challenged completed secondary education last year. Nicholas whose life has evidently changed from what he time he was enrolled at Sishemo is a great testmony of the benefits of pyschosocial counselling and its impact impact on the children. Inspite of his phyical disability, Nicholas is a very confident young man with great aspirations.

Sunday Mwansa

“I was walking past, selling bananas with my friend when something led me to Sishemo EDF. Little did I know that right there was something that would change my destiny and my whole course of life. My routine would be to rise up early in the morning, put a basket on my head and move for miles on end to sell bananas so as to help my mother raise money to take care of us.

Most of my peers were in school and the fact that I could not afford to get into school would sadden my heart because I had a deep desire to get educated. However, I had to choose between sleeping hungry and helping my poor mother raise money for school. Moreover, she would have to buy uniforms and other school requirements if I were to start school and she was not financially stable to afford all these requirements.

In 2002, I enrolled myself at then Sishemo Education Trust School. At least, I would have no worries of raising money for school because the Foundation provides free education, uniforms and all learning requirements.”

Sunday excelled and through secondary school and is now pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Education at Chalimbana University. 


Joshua Mumba

Joshua is a double orphan who lives with his uncle in a two roomed house which his late mother once occupied.

Hanging on one of the walls is his mother’s photo. Every time he would see the photos, he would cry uncontrollably. Joshua has moods swings as he was greatly devastated by the loss of his parents. Fortunately for him, Sishemo offered to pay for his school at Northgate academy and the Foundation has organised special psycho social counselling sessions for him. The counselling and character building lessons have changed his life. He is more positive and he is doing well in school. Joshua who came to Sishemo as a nursery student is now doing grade 12 at Chinika Secondary School.

The photos on the left was taken when the school was doing it’s usual home visits. This photo helps explain Joshua’s story.


The Mwanza Children

This is Mrs. Mwanza’a family, a single young lady who is struggling to fend for her family after her husband abandoned her for another woman. Mother of four, of whom 3 are beneficiaries of the Sishemo education initiative, is also one of the beneficiaries of the Sishemo empowerment activities.

Sibiziwe Mwanza, is the youngest in the family and is currently doing grade 12 at Katete secondary. Sishemo continues to source for bursary support for the children. While at Sishemo, Sibizibwe was one of the top students in her class. The little girl did not allow the odds of her life to affect her performance. she maintained her top position in class. She has truly conquered the social gap and possesses great determination to study medicine with a major in paediatrics.

While at home, the children help their mother make woven mats, a skill she acquired from Sishemo and it is the proceeds from the sale of mats that provides income for this family.                          
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